Now, without a Facebook profile, you can not create a messenger account #Aticle

Now, without a Facebook profile, you can not create a messenger account #Aticle

Facebook removed the option last week to build a Messenger account with no Facebook profile.
Facebook found that most people are using messenger via their Facebook profiles so they decided to simplify the process, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

This service was introduced in 2015 to allow people to use Facebook Messenger in regions where due to network restrictions or government orders Facebook is not open. But since it was not commonly used and as Facebook said most people use Messenger with their Facebook profiles, it wouldn't make a big difference to take this choice down.

Yet a question still remains, when the option could push even the smallest number of users to Facebook, why remove it? This could lead to an integrated messaging system that allows users to communicate easily with Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. This could be advantageous to Facebook as over the years, the site has experienced increased messaging activity.

And if regulatory bodies agree in the future that the business should be split due to competition, then Facebook may argue that a break-up would not be feasible by combining its back-end processes, causing regulators to change their minds or take another step.

Without a Facebook profile, we might see the elimination of sign up for Messenger a minor change but if you see the bigger picture, it leads to messaging integration and helps Facebook solidify its resources.

A Facebook spokesperson clarified that "the vast majority of people who already use Messenger sign in via Facebook," so the reason for this change was to "simplify the process." Though, we also know that this doesn't simplify the process for anyone other than those who already have a Facebook profile, so we can only presume that Facebook has other explanations for this move–others that it doesn't tell us.

But now, while many of you enjoyed our turkey (or whatever else you did in the last week or so), the feature was deleted from Facebook. You'll need an active Facebook profile to sign up for Messenger as of December 26th. Nevertheless, credentials from your deactivated Facebook profile can still be used to use the Messaging app.

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