People in the field of technology are making efforts to reduce social media time #Article

People in the field of technology are making efforts to reduce social media time #Article

For most of us, less time spent on social media is on our New Year resolutions list. And this year, a lot of tech people tweet to take a break from their screens to engage in new hobbies and focus on building personal relationships.

Twitter and Facebook have exploded with messages from thousands of people who say they will either delete their accounts for some time, or take a break from social media. Users have also suggested that others do the same.

Many people have said that social media is a distraction from' most important' things, such as connecting in real life with people and pursuing their hobby.

Less social media

More Building

Concentrating myself and my loved ones on mental and physical health

Turn the game over

Be a good listener

Ski somewhat less but send back a lot more

I love my family

Defeat @msepso 1 more time at Tekken

Go on to my next thing, drop mic
 Dr. SkiDance on December 31, 2019 (@MLGSundance)

It's interesting to note that some of the most popular posts were made by people working in tech. And well who after spending long hours in front of a computer at work would not need a break.

According to a source, Ankit Jain, former engineering director of Google, has said he will cut his time on twitter and Netflix and pick up a saxophone by 2020. He said it was his wife's Christmas gift and ignited his passion for music. He added that while working in tech was fantastic, his life became more chaotic, and that he spent less time concentrating on himself and his passions.

Others from tech have said they want to take a break for their emotional health or cut off from the opinions of strangers on various social networks.

Nate Bosshard, co-founder of the fitness-tech company, said taking a break from tech is a "luxury" and now more than ever people want to be offline.

"People in Silicon Valley are the architects of this culture of' scrolling, constant notification' and they're the ones who see the most need to escape," added Bosshard.

Research have shown that overuse of social media can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression among both adolescents and adults. Furthermore, since it can be a massive diversion, taking a break for some time or even forever will help people reconnect with themselves and the things they most value.

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