Signs of boredom in cats #infographic

Signs of boredom in cats #infographic

Cats are cheerful packets that bring value to your life. Cat owners are emotionally attached to them and therefore in their lives they are extremely important. Cats, known for their playful behavior, allow their owners to pay a lot of attention. Often anything you do may not be enough to make these little ones feel bored.  Most people do not know why their cats are exhibiting "abnormal" behavior when it could just be that the cat has reached an unavoidable boredom. The chart here shows the top five explanations for the actions of a cat when it is bored.

Excessive sleeping is the highest warning. When the cats tend to sleep more than normal, it shows that when they wake up they have nothing exciting to do so they choose to sleep more than they stay awake. Second, they tend to crave more food than they used to, even if they're not hungry just to combat their boredom. However, if your cat unexpectedly shows a destructive side to them, playing with their own stuff or going wild around the whole house, this could be taken as another warning or they might start to be extremely keen on their own grooming and thus overgrooming. Lastly, outside their litter box they might be littering.

All these signs show that your cat is bored and needs more attention and playtime. If the problem persists, they should be rushed to a vet.

Signs of boredom in cats #infographic

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