Study Habits to Study Smarter #Infographic

Study Habits to Study Smarter #Infographic

Exam season can cause considerable stress in the best of us. Although we try to keep up during the academic year, at the last minute we are still up to our eyeballs in preparation for exams. We've all heard that studying smarter is more important than studying harder, but what exactly does it mean?
Just as our bodies and metabolisms are different, our brains are special, and tips for learning that might work for some sort of learner may not work for everybody. It's important to gage yourself and examine your learning habits and interests to understand what your personal study habits are best for you. At the last moment, no more cramming, what's to say?

This infographic breaks down the process of building good learning habits, as well as offering some tips from all categories for different types of learners.
But it not only tells you what to do, but also describes certain patterns that are best avoided if you want to know the material well.
Consider using these ideas every time you sit down to study something, to help you achieve better results.

Study Habits to Study Smarter #Infographic

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