Such toxic experiments include people with low emotional intelligence #Article

Such toxic experiments include people with low emotional intelligence #Article

Emotional Intelligence is important to build and maintain relationships but not everyone has this quality.

Do you have a coworker who never listens and doesn't stop talking to what other people have to say? Or do you know someone who's constantly' forgetting' the name of others? This might be a sign of low emotional intelligence and often people don't even have to say a word to prove they have low emotional intelligence.

People ofocurse may not do this on purpose, they may not even be conscious that some exercise is required in their mental muscles. Here are some typical behaviors that tend to affect people with low emotional intelligence:

1. We presume Things

 People with low emotional intelligence could always believe other people are thinking the same way we are. For instance: if they have a certain attitude toward a political topic, they expect or believe that other people should also. Or perhaps what you think is the best way to react in a situation is the right way in reality.

2. Some times they see The Worst in People 

base their decisions on incomplete information. Sometimes they would presume what a person is like, without properly understanding them. That often leads to disputes among people and a lack of trust.

3. Each talk is about them

Emotionally unintelligent individuals have a way to direct each conversation toward themselves. So you're asking them about when something happened to you, rather than offering a' help answer' like "Tell me more," they'd say something along the lines of "Something similar happened to me once" and transfer the entire conversation to themselves.

4. We talk more than we hear

People who speak more than they normally listen have low intelligence on the emotion. Those with stronger emotional resources have the ability to pause and challenge themselves if they feel' too much' talking.

5. They're Multitasking

Though multitasking is great and is a must many times. Yet people who are emotionally unintelligent prefer to multitask as they converse with someone. If they talk to you, instead of you, you will constantly find them on their computer, or concentrating elsewhere.

Not only does this mean that the person has no interest in what the other person says, but it also indicates that they have no regard for him.

6. We forget their names

While names can be easily forgotten, emotionally unintelligent people are barely making the effort to recall. Remembering an individual is one of the first steps to developing a relationship and this element is missing in people with low emotional intelligence.

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