support-for-trump-continues #infographic

support-for-trump-continues #infographic

Regardless of the continuing scandals, US President Donald Trump succeeds in keeping a strong foothold on America. About 50 per cent of Americans disapprove of Trump and his campaign according to a FiveThirtyEight poll. 42 per cent of the participants surveyed agreed with his policies, however.

President Donald Trump was accused in earlier December of lobbying with the presidential elections in 2020 by seeking foreign aid. To President Trump, the House of Representatives released two articles of impeachment that included abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. There is also a good chance he will be removed from office if he is found guilty of crimes and misdemeanors by the regulatory body.

Curiously, after Andrew Johnson (1868) and Bill Clinton (1998), Trump is the third U.S. president to face impeachment. Only three Democrats opposed His impeachment: Jared Golden of Maine, Collin C. Peterson of Minnesota, and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey. Jeff Van Drew has also been heard saying he plans to change his political views and become a Republican in the future.

support-for-trump-continues #infographic

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