Taking Care of Your Heart #WorldHypertensionDay #infographic

Taking Care of Your Heart #WorldHypertensionDay #infographic

Each year, the 17th of May is celebrated as World Hypertension Day to raise awareness of heart disease and remove the misconceptions surrounding hypertension and heart disease.

The info-graphic shows some basic lifestyle changes that should be made by everyone to prevent hypertension or high blood pressure. Many people do not understand that hypertension can lead to many hazardous effects, particularly heart disease, which can put you at risk for other complications.

The info-graphic states that you can quickly decrease the risk of hypertension if you eat a healthy and balanced diet, stay active and stay away from drinking too much alcohol or smoking.

An important factor in diagnosing and stopping hypertension at the root before it spreads is to keep checking your blood pressure because, in most cases, high blood pressure has no discernible symptoms.
The first step towards a healthier, stronger you is to take care of yourself!

Taking Care of Your Heart #WorldHypertensionDay #infographic

infographic by: www.cdc.gov

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