the-great-holiday-debate-is-die-hard-a-christmas-movie #infographic

the-great-holiday-debate-is-die-hard-a-christmas-movie #infographic

The film watchers are again debating whether or not to take the famous Bruce Wills flick' Die Hard' as a holiday movie, just like every year?

Released in 1988, the film has all the ingredients for a Christmas film-it takes place during a holiday office party, to be exact on Christmas Eve, has carols playing in the background, and ends with snow scenes. The opposition party says, however, that Die Hard is an action film that was released during the summers. However, the film's plot revolves around an activist who has recently migrated from a radical terrorist group in West Germany and is not affiliated with Santa Claus.

YouGov finally decided to end the debate after witnessing several fierce conversations by asking 4,340 Americans about their views of the film.

As predicted, the result was–20 percent of respondents said Die Hard is a Christmassy movie, while the majority said Christmas and Die Hard are not interconnected.

Bruce Wills, the film's star, also joined the conversation, saying that while screenwriter Steven E, he doesn't see Die Hard as a Christmas movie. In his tweet, de Souza opposed it.

the-great-holiday-debate-is-die-hard-a-christmas-movie #infographic

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