The Impact of Package Theft This Holiday Season #infographic

The Impact of Package Theft This Holiday Season #infographic

Amazon's rise and other prominent e-commerce firms have changed our way of shopping. More and more customers turn to shopping online to do most of their shopping on vacation. While this is a huge benefit for millions of people, it has also contributed to an unprecedented increase in U.S. and worldwide package thefts.

According to a new 2019 Package Theft Statistics Report from C+R Research, 36% of Americans reported having stolen a package in the last year. The number would surely increase in full swing with the holiday shopping season. C+R study surveyed 2,000 American consumers doing their online shopping to learn more about their package theft experiences and the steps they are taking to prevent future package theft. Take some time to immerse yourself in the full report. The report's key parts are described below:

Frequency of distribution of shipments

The first section of the statistics report on package theft looked at the frequency for American consumers of package deliveries. C+R researched questioned how often packs were shipped to their home by American consumers. At least one shipment per week was sent to 44 percent of respondents. About 45% of respondents said they had at least once a month shipped a shipment. Just 5% said they delivered a package every day, another 5% said they delivered a package at least once a year. Just 1% said they had rarely / never shipped a shipment. This data shows that, about once a week and once a month, approximately 90% of American consumers have a package delivered somewhere.

The survey found that 45 packages were shipped per year to the average American customer. That number went up slightly for representatives of Amazon Prime who said they shipped an average of 51 items per year. Only 25 package deliveries per year were registered by non-prime members. The report also found that for American consumers, the average e-commerce spending per month was $222.

The Impact of Package Theft This Holiday Season #infographic

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