Tis’ the season of New Year’s Resolution #infographic

Tis’ the season of New Year’s Resolution #infographic

The year 2020 is just around the corner and like every year that passes–Americans make one or more resolutions to follow in the next 12 months.

In this regard, Ipsos for UrbanPlates conducted a survey and found that the majority of decision-makers want to follow healthier eating habits and better manage their finances in the coming year.

In addition, 38 percent of respondents said they wanted to improve their mental well-being and practice understanding while only 22 percent acknowledged the need to be more environmentally friendly –given the substantial need to improve environmental protection.

Interestingly, most of the participants in the survey were members of Hispanic ethnicity. In fact, 56 percent of the group's respondents said they made more than one resolution for 2020.

Tis’ the season of New Year’s Resolution #infographic

infographic by: www.statista.com

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