Top Workout Music on Spotify #Infographic

Top Workout Music on Spotify #Infographic

Spotify has become the world's largest music streaming service. The year's most-streamed album, Tones and I, Dance Monkey, has been viewed over 40 million times. It shows you what kind of influence Spotify has over setting trends in modern music, and how much data they have on the tastes and preferences of the listeners.

Spotify publishes a lot of data on its users and this year has even launched a new feature in their app that lets you discover your own music history with the service, including your most listened artists and favorite genres.

Spotify is also known for its numerous curated playlists showcasing each of the season's up-and-coming indie hits from top 40 artists. It's a big deal for many new artists to be featured on one of the famous playlists, but mostly they're dominated by established artists in the genre.

Spotify published an infographic about the world's most downloaded fitness music including most popular songs spanning age groups and genders. The list is by no means shocking, but offers an insight into the listening habits of different age groups on the app.

Top Workout Music on Spotify #Infographic

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