YouTube will now limit children's video collection #Article

YouTube will now limit children's video collection #Article

YouTube has released new guidelines on child content, according to which data collected on children's videos will be restricted. This could lead to fewer child-friendly choices on the internet and give children's content creators a huge financial blow.

Such limits will start from January, according to The Wall Street Journal, and if YouTube video makers don't decide whether their material is for children, they will be charged with federal trade commission fines.

This also means that Google will exclude custom ads from Google data, and will not show pop-ups on app videos for children. Nonetheless, contextual ads based on video content will be shown that producers won't make as much money as targeted ads do.

Such changes were made after claims have been made that YouTube monitors children's online activities while violating 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. While YouTube did not admit it had to pay $170 million in fine for this act.

A content creator on the Jeremy Johnston network whose channel has over 2 million subscribers says that this "throws creators under the bus."

FTC claims it is aware of the issues on both sides but wants to "reinforce the law and make it work better for children and parents."

YouTube does have a different children's app called YouTube Kids that doesn't promote personalized ads, but I don't think it works well for children.

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