911: Kitchen Emergencies #Infographic

911: Kitchen Emergencies #Infographic

Kitchens can be a huge part of our homes. For some, they can be a place with the whole family to have dinners, or to prepare their favorite food. But in any event, they spend a lot of time in a typical kitchen.

But just as important as kitchens are, it's also important to look after ourselves. Cooking a great dish uses a lot of dangerous tools and elements and in many households kitchen accidents are common. These can range from a small cut to a fire on a forefinger.

The infographic addresses many of the major accidents happening in our kitchens and their easy solutions. Many of these incidents can be fixed inside the kitchen, but remember, being careful is better than being sorry and you should know what to do in case of any emergencies that may occur.

Knowledge is power, and arming yourself with basic information about how to manage these incidents will help you avoid bigger problems later.

911: Kitchen Emergencies #Infographic

infographic by: www.bettycrocker.com

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