Are Dogs Good Babysitters? #Infographic

Are Dogs Good Babysitters? #Infographic

Dogs are the best friend of any guy. We've heard all about how loyal and sweet dogs are, and who can resist a cute puppy? They are just that cute!!!

In many cases the dogs can be a good companion. They can provide comfort and companionship, and they are smart too. Many people who have dogs as pets can not imagine their lives without, and for good reason, their dogs. Even those people who don't have indoor pets enjoy their outdoor dogs and they play a big part of their lives.

But not only are dogs a good companion and watchmen, they are also very good babysitters. The infographic discusses some of the reasons dogs make ideal substitutes for an actual babysitter.
Dogs can provide your children with entertainment, and scientific studies have shown that when babies engage with dogs dogs can produce higher dopamine levels. Many dog breeds are even inherently good to take care of, and the nanny breed is called pit bulls.
If you have a dog's yard, and you've been on the fence to get one, add this one to your pros list.

Are Dogs Good Babysitters? #Infographic

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