Digital Spending by Presidential Candidates 2020 #infographic

Digital Spending by Presidential Candidates 2020 #infographic

Donald Trump has been making global headlines over the last year to invest the most on internet marketing. In reality, statistics show that he has spent nearly $23 million on Facebook ads and $12 million on Google ads-a total of $35 million. He has also managed to earn around $165 million in funding for the 2020 campaign–surpassing the other Democratic candidates for the same nomination.

Nonetheless, he now has a rival-billionaire Michael Bloomberg who entered the November 2019 election race but managed to spend a total of $34.5 million on his digital marketing within the short time frame.

On the third place is the billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer who has invested around $23 million on his campaign. Pete Buttigieg invested around $12 million on digital ads while Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren managed to spend $10 million each for their internet marketing.

Ironically, the former vice president of The United States, Joe Biden, focused more on conventional procedures and between January 2019 and January 2020 spent just $5.4 million in digital advertising.

Digital Spending by Presidential Candidates 2020 #infographic

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