Do we still need a digital camera? #infographic

Do we still need a digital camera? #infographic

The best of us once tried to invest in the best type of camera. We tried to play with them all from Polaroids to digital, before technology dropped touchscreen smartphones into our pockets.

2007 saw the introduction of the first smartphone. Prior to that, the camera industry had been booming. CIPA, an association of the world's most renowned camera makers, actually shipped around 120 million digital cameras during the year of 2008. These manufacturers were not at all concerned about the competition that the mobile phones had bought in and were busy developing innovative cameras to meet the growing demand of consumers.

The camera built into the mobile phone wasn't as advanced though during its infancy. And of course, social media networks such as Instagram and Snapchat were not even designed for image-sharing.

But the digital camera industry is slowly reaching its end today–12 years later. The smartphone that was launched today is equipped with the latest lenses and sensors to deliver the best quality image. They might not be as superior as digital cameras like DSLR, but the ease of keeping them in our hands at all times and the cost-effective pricing made them more popular.

Check out the Infographic below. The CITA delivered just 15.2 million units during the year 2019-it's the lowest since 2001. Judging by these numbers, within a couple of years we can expect the digital camera industry to dwindle completely for personal users.

Do we still need a digital camera? #infographic

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