Here's how you can improve the social media commitment and achievement of your brand #Article

Here's how you can improve the social media commitment and achievement of your brand #Article

Social media presence is important for brands, and while many brands are aware of this, they still haven't figured out how brand awareness and promotion to make the most of social media platforms.

Social media requires a brand to participate in a broader conversation as compared to old methods of advertising and marketing.

So how can the brands actually increase their social media scope and engagement? Here are some useful tips provided by the Financial Independence Group (FIG) that can enable you to get in touch with a wider public.

  • Focus on producing content of high quality which is realistic, shared and, most importantly, original.
  • Not every platform will have the same content, because each platform is special in its own way and your post should be a reflection of that. Modify your content according to each platform's audience.
  • Approximately 54 per cent of the audience wants to see more video content and more people tend to engage with video compared to other content forms. 
  • With new updates, announcements, events and any other ideas you might come up with, you can go live. That would give your brand a boost in engagement rates.

  • Reach out to as many people as possible! That includes influences, followers and even friends of yours. Growth calls for plenty of contact.
  • If you see an interesting discussion concerning your mark. Join in as you comment, react and share posts on your own timeline.
  • Open doors, and ask for feedback. Asking satisfied customers and your colleagues for a brand review on Google or Facebook can stir up a bit of excitement for your brand.

  • Make sure you have a timeline for posting prepared carefully. Find out when your audience most engages, and what kind of posts they most interact with. Then plann a timetable accordingly. At first experiment with different posts and posts times for each platform and you'll soon be getting the hang of it.
  • Keep the grammar, punctuation and particularly your tone. For your brand, this can say a lot, make sure it's consistent on every platform otherwise your brand will appear to be just for your audience.
  • Use your Visuals! Videos do well but pictures do so. Place more visuals on your website, as they can do wonders for the online presence of your brand.

  • Keep your followers involved and reward them with gifts and contests, which will help your brand get the commitment they need.

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