Instagram Could Release a Story Cutting Tool #Article

Instagram Could Release a Story Cutting Tool #Article

Instagram is testing a new Stories trim feature that would make it easier for users to edit their stories inside the app before they upload them.

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong recently tweeted the new feature and in a tweet you can see a new story-based video slider trim tool that would function the same way as video editing software on other platforms. Instagram users can use the editing icon to access this feature, which appears to be added to the creative options.

The addition seems to be easy but it can be helpful and make editing stories easier particularly when you're on the go as many users use third party editing tools before uploading their stories.

If you have a brand it will make it easier for you to build more focused and polished stories. These stories perform the best according to many surveys.

When this new feature would be rolled out, Instagram hasn't said anything yet, but since Wong has previously revealed unreleased apps shortly before their launch, we should expect this tool to be made available in a month.

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