Marie Kondo Way of Cloth Organization #infographic

Marie Kondo Way of Cloth Organization #infographic

Your mum scolds you when your room is a mess. You should start cleaning up the mess before the argument starts, to make your mom happy. Nowadays, Marie Kondo is trending and she even has a Netflix series named tidying up. She is a source of inspiration for many throughout the world; her ways of tidying up are super easy that every teen should know.

 Shirts and blouses can be folded in such a way that the shirt has to be spread down, the shirt's face should be in a front-facing downwards and then fold inward in thirds. Marie Kondo explained this approach clearly, so that every adolescent would grasp it.

The first step to fold pant and jeans is to lay the pants flat; the front-facing pant should be against you. Then fold the pant halfway down. The second step is to fold in half, halving the bottom half of the top half. The final step is to fold into thirds, standing upright in a drawer. She explained well to us, and it's funny, not too long.

Even our parents never tell us how you got to fold your unders. Step one for females is to lay down flat on your unders, fold in half, placing the bottom half behind the top half. The second step is to stand upright in a drawer and fold in thirds. To boys the first move is to lay flat on their boxers. Then, fold up the middle in half. The second step includes folding in thirds and standing upright in a box.

Marie Kondo Way of Cloth Organization #infographic

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