Monster Traffic Jams Around the World #infographic

Monster Traffic Jams Around the World #infographic

Traffic congestion is something that many of us struggle daily with. Yet did you know the Bengaluru, India, and Manila, Philippines commuters experienced the worst traffic jams of 2019? In reality, travelers from both urban cities can expect to spend in traffic alone about 71 per cent extra travel time.

TomTom recently released their 2019 annual traffic index, where they measured the rate of traffic congestion in 416 cities across 57 countries. According to their report, Bogota's Colombian capital is in third place with traffic congestion of 68 percent, while Mumbai and Pune –India's metropolitan cities are closely behind.

Ironically, as four of its major cities like New Delhi make the TomTom list, India can be named the country with the most traffic congestion.

Los Angeles is the most overcrowded area in the U.S. Nonetheless, the amount of traffic jams in' the city of Angels' is much lower than the cities mentioned in this 42 per cent infographic.

Monster Traffic Jams Around the World #infographic

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