Snapchat Signed a New Deal with Nbc for Summer Games 2020 #Article

Snapchat Signed a New Deal with Nbc for Summer Games 2020 #Article

Snapchat and NBC have signed a 2020 Summer Games Agreement which will be played in Tokyo.  With the new contract, before and during the games, NBC will be able to broadcast shows on Snapchat.

App had also signed an agreement for the 2016 Olympics with NBC as well as the 2018 Winter Olympics, which culminated in an increase in ratings on the Snapchat. The material for the 2018 NBC NBC Olympics PyeongChang received over 40 million different users in the United States, 25 percent higher than the 2016 Rio Olympics.

NBC will release 70 + episodes on Snapchat, which is more than the number of episodes previously broadcast on the app, across four daily shows.

According to a Variety magazine report:

"The 2020 Olympics Partnership features four regular original NBC-produced Snapchat Shows, exclusively for the vertical-video-oriented network. These include-for the first time-two highlights that will be updated in" near real-time, "according to the companies. Ultimately, NBC plans to produce more than 70 episodes for Snapchat, more than three for the business.

So how does the two parties benefit from that deal? Well for NBC, broadcasting games on Snap is a move towards targeting younger audiences, thus improving their branding and also helping to boost ad partners ' revenue through broadcasts. Snapchat, on the other hand, will be able to bring more exclusive content to attract more users and increase user engagement.

The app has reported, according to Snapchat's performance report, that 100 of its Discover channels receive users in double-digits per month. That would mean there has been a shift in user behavior that could make Snapchat a priority for going forward with their strategic plans when it comes to publishers.

Twitter won't stay behind either, it will be airing its own content for the Olympics as part of its new video strategies, but of course differently. It'll be interesting to see how many viewers Twitter can get with this, and with its renewed deal with NBC, Snapchat can reach the heights.

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