The Beautiful Castles of Scotland #Infographic

The Beautiful Castles of Scotland #Infographic

Scotland is a tiny little country off Britain's coast, with a rich history and its own culture. Yet fish n'chips, David Tennant yet stunning medieval castles are among its most popular fares. Scotland has quite a number of castles, a total of over 600 castles. That's quite a lot of castles.

That makes these castles even more impressive is the landscape they are standing in, the hills and cliffs straight from an old Gothic book. This castles and ruins are one of the most popular attractions in Scotland and every year millions of visitors come to visit this sites.

Many of these castles are also privately owned and some are preserved by social and government organizations. Rettie et al. Manage many of these properties, and make an amazing infographic that showcases some of the currently on sale castles across the country.

One of the country's oldest castles-Edinburgh Castle-dates back to the 11th century, but still stands impressively on the hill it was built on a thousand years ago. Some of the other castles date also from the 13th century.

These castles are a view of the region's past, and help us understand what life for the Scottish people was like a millennium ago. Generally the castles on sale are quite costly, retailing at millions of dollars, but the cheapest one on their list is only GBP 300,000. Imagine that.

The Beautiful Castles of Scotland #Infographic

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