Top Three-mug Cake Recipes #infographic

Top Three-mug Cake Recipes #infographic

If you crave dessert, and find nothing in your kitchen, mug cakes are one of the simplest and most delicious ways to fulfill your cravings. It doesn't include many ingredients, all those ingredients that are already in our kitchen are included and we use them in our daily lives.  We don't have to wait 30-40 minutes to get them cooked, but the easiest and most delicious mug cakes will take just five minutes to bake. There are three different flavours of mug cake recipes.

Features three tablespoons of raising rice, two tablespoons of granulated sugar, 1⁄2 tablespoon of vegetable oil, two tablespoons of milk, one tablespoon of lemon juice and four fresh raspberries. The second last ingredient is one tablespoon of sour cream, and in the end, two tablespoons of icing sugar will be required. First of all, the way of cooking is this. We got to put together all the dry ingredients in a bowl. We must then incorporate all of the wet ingredients. The third step is to move the raspberries into the top of the cake mix, and the last step is to microwave at high 90 seconds and keep an eye on it, and use oven gloves.For the decoration mix, icing sugar and sour cream, pour it over the cake. Eat, Experience, and Repeat.

Four tablespoons of self-raising flour, four tablespoons of granulated sugar, two tablespoons of cocoa, one egg, three tablespoons of milk are the ingredients required for the chocolate mud cake. Three tablespoons of vegetable oil, a vanilla splash, chocolate chips, and in the end, two tablespoons of icing sugar, one tablespoon of cocoa and a dash of milk are required. First of all, the cooking method is to combine all the dry ingredients in a mug and beat the egg in a cup, then add half of the egg to the dry mix, then pour in the rest of the ingredients and mix well a couple of spoonfuls of chocolate chip.The third step is to heat up for two minutes and keep an eye on it using gloves as it's going to be soft, the last step is to mix icing sugar, cocoa and milk in a bowl then drizzle over the cake and add some chocolate chips over the cake to decorate. Yum, yum, and yum.

The ingredients will be one lemon, three tablespoons of self-raising flour, three tablespoons of granulated sugar, a pinch of salt, one egg, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, four tablespoons of icing sugar and a squeeze of lemon for the lemon drizzle mug cake. The cooking method is to combine all the dry ingredients and the second step is to blend the lemon with the dry ingredients to zest and juice them. The third step is to add the egg and oil and mix well, and the final step is to microwave for three minutes on high and keep an eye on it for the decoration to drizzle the lemon and icing sugar and pour over the cake and enjoy.

Top Three-mug Cake Recipes #infographic

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