What are Educational Assessments? #Infographic

What are Educational Assessments? #Infographic

Assessments are an important part of every level of the educational process. Assessments are used to measure and evaluate the learning of the students at various stages of their studies. Each good teacher knows the value of assessing the skills of your pupils but what are evaluations? And what do we mean by evaluations of different types?

There are different types of assessments being performed under different conditions and varying by age and level of competency. The most commmon types of tests given in the classroom are diagnostic, formative, and summative tests, which can easily be defined as tests given to assess prior knowledge before teaching a subject or topic, tests given during the teaching phase to assess ongoing learning and tests given after a subject or topic has been taught to assess overall learning repectively.

Tests must also be consistently performed on them by a.k.a. teachers, and reliable a.k.a. they are successful in determining what they were expected to evaluate. A spelling evaluation in a science test would be an example of an incorrect test.

Assessments are a vast subject, so this infographic will be very helpful if you're interested in knowing more about them.

What are Educational Assessments? #Infographic

infographic by: elearninginfographics.com

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