WhatsApp Now has 2 trillion active users #Article

WhatsApp Now has 2 trillion active users #Article

WhatsApp has attained 2 billion active users per month.

WhatsApp shared the news saying, "We're excited to share that WhatsApp supports more than two billion users around the world as of today. Moms and fathers can reach their loved ones wherever they are. Brothers and sisters can share important moments. Coworkers can work together and businesses can grow by easily connecting with their customers.

The map shows that while Facebook Messenger appears to be popular in Western regions, WhatsApp remains the largely dominant app and continues to attract more users in the developing market every day.

WhatsApp had reached 1.5 billion users back in 2018 and has hit the 2 billion mark in just two years that is expected to continue to grow over the coming days. And while Facebook has a stronghold notably in India, WhatsApp is gaining traction on such grounds.

WhatsApp is being considered for business use but in that respect it faces many challenges. The Facebook-owned app recently backed on the idea of introducing ads into its threads, which was a key approach to monetization. Also, Facebook seems to be expanding into eCommerce by purchasing eCommerce platforms and services that interact with customers via WhatsApp.

When Facebook can get more shopping in developing regions and put WhatsApp in the center, such as incorporating funds transfer by charging WhatsApp, it could generate more revenue from the application.

Facebook has been haunted by privacy concerns and many questions have raised that if Facebook moves towards WhatsApp monetization, WhatsApp's privacy measures that involve end-to-end encryption could be weakened.

While we're not sure what Facebook has in store for WhatsApp when it comes to business, we can say for sure it appears to be a much larger platform with more opportunities coming up.

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