You can now respond with Emojis to Twitter DMs #Article

You can now respond with Emojis to Twitter DMs #Article

Recently, Twitter launched a new option that allows users to respond with an emoji to the direct messages.

This functionality is also available on other messaging sites, so it's no wonder that Twitter has decided to join the trend to get its users to connect more.

Users had a clue that this option would be released soon after reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong was spotted testing this option last year in October. The option looks a lot like the one she tweeted but the emojis have been changed.

"It's fast and easy to add an emoji reaction to a Direct Message–all text and media attachments. To add a reaction, turn over the message and press the reaction button (heart and plus icon), or double-click the message and pick an emoji from the pop-up. You may delete a reaction at any time and it will be deleted from the message for all participants.

As you can see from her tweet, the emojis of' heart eyes' didn't make it to the launch and emojis were added instead of thumbs up and down.

Twitter has previously tested emojis reaction for tweets, but that option never saw the light of day even though emojis use has increased significantly on the site, which is itself a huge motivation to add more of those features. Provided Twitter has recently concentrated on direct messaging, we should expect it to introduce new functionality that will enhance user experience.

Twitter announced that users who have not upgraded to the latest app will not be able to see emojis, but will be able to display text-based messages.

Have you already checked the feature? Now check it out!

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