Appealing Tech Trends for Consumers #infographic

Appealing Tech Trends for Consumers #infographic

When customer demand is increasing, a company has to decide what to spend on. IDG's user purchasing report will give you an overview of that and let you realize what tech fans are shopping for. It is increasingly difficult to forecast the success of the company in this period, and it is difficult to determine what the next theme will be because it takes only a single tweet or a tiktok video to abuzz people. IDG has been surveying how many people invested in 2019 so you can predict next year's patterns. You need to pay attention to what people are spending money and what sort of technology to know which goods are deserving of your market.

Many tech excited focus on technology to fuel their lifestyle. The prediction saw consumer spending hitting $1.32 trillion in 2019; a 3.5 per cent rise over 2018. 53 percent are able to pay more for cutting-edge goods. Devices they buy for personal use and plan to buy 65% of computer accessories, 63% of laptops, 48% of video platforms, 44% of televisions, 43% of laptops, 37% of smartphones, 37% of smart home devices, 34% of efficiency and health, 33% of hardwa broadcasting.

77 per cent want to learn the political, technical, and personal knowledge before making a buying decision. Whereas 58 percent visit PCWorld for purchasing tips, and 25 percent viewed a video after visiting an IDG web blog. 64 per cent advise and suggest technology products and services, 53 per cent are the first to try to purchase new technology devices by family and friends. 31 per cent affects more than five individuals a day since the buying decision was made. For keep in touch, these customers and influencers focus on IDG brands such as PCWorld, MACWORLD and TECHHIVE.

Where 55% subscribe to email newsletters, 47% travel one or more days a week, 67% read an post, 39% do online analysis, 33% purchase goods and services. These are the regular consumers who know our content in terms of consistency. 76 per cent read client pages of IDG B2C for the latest technology news and comments. 73 per cent have a fascination for discovering the new technologies, goods and services. 50 per cent visits the IDG B2C platform for specialist advice and review. For some other technology updates and data, the remaining 46 per cent switch to IDG B2C brands. The special monthly guests are 84 percent male and 14 percent female, with an annual household income of $104k, where 79 percent have a college degree+.

People receive information from a wide range of outlets, which is a major challenge for marketers seeking to communicate with their target market. According to IDG, after buying modern software, 31 percent of your customers are affecting five people, so that's a high number of people who do not understand the message that your company needs. But consider the costumers ' expectations and use the appropriate resources to forecast the developments to come, and the business will have a stronger marketing plan.

Appealing Tech Trends for Consumers #infographic

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