Belief around Superstitions #Infographic

Belief around Superstitions #Infographic

  • Is Friday, the 13th an awful day for you
  • Would you get nervous when your path is crossed by a black cat?
  • Stop passing under ladders?

Those superstitions, many of us believe. If we see a black cat, we change our direction, cross our fingers for good luck, and stop anyone who tries to open a paraglider inside.

But how many Americans are superstitious, in reality?

YouGov conducted an insightful survey of March 13 landing on a Friday, where they asked Americans how superstitious they are. Just 9 per cent confessed to being superstitious in their responses while 35 per cent said they were not really superstitious.

It seems as though the Americans aren't much concerned about the two Thursday, the thirteenth we'll see in 2020. Or some other theory in this way! Aren't you?

Belief around Superstitions #Infographic

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