Benefits of green roof #Infographic

Benefits of green roof #Infographic

In ancient times when the number of human beings on earth was not as high as today, and the urbanization phenomenon was not increasing quickly, much of the land was green. There were all over parks, fields, pastures and trees. Wide gardens overflowed with trees and green plants. Yet as the population increased over the years, more people needed more land to build houses, as a result of which a large number of forests and green valleys were turned into urban areas with homes, buildings and roads.

In the present era, deforestation is a big global problem, as trees are the source of environmental purification. Human activities contribute to the release of poisonous gasses, toxins, and hazardous chemicals Forest lands and green plants consume those contaminants and help keep the atmosphere safe. Yet the immense population in the current region is destroying the world.

We are polluting the world and we are still chopping down the trees and there is no way left to clean it. Green plants are a source of oxygen, more people need more food to survive but we are still killing them to build shelters instead of saving the plants for our benefit. As we know shelter is also a basic human need; so what can we do to protect and spread the green land? Using a green roof is one easy solution. It's almost like raising your garden from the ground up to the roof of your building.

However, the technique is a little complicated because you don't want to see the roof filled with water or plant roots entering the ceiling which are two of the key reasons why people doubt having a green roof.

It's not anything to worry about; for this reason, you can work with a structural engineer and he can direct you through the whole method by which your roof stays covered, and your garden both thrive at the same time. First of all, a waterproof coating is placed on the roof to cover the roof, which prevents the water from coming through the ceiling and isolating it and shielding it. Second, there is a water retention layer, and to prevent the roots from reaching the roof after ensuring your house's full safety, the soil comes in.

Typically drought resistant plants are selected so that even though there is no rain, the roof stays evergreen. All of this may sound pricey, but it's just a one-time expense and it helps you in other ways, saving your money in the future as well. During summers these roofs keep your house temperature down and lower your energy bills. You will finally get what you've invested on it back in this way. These are other advantages as well, such as increasing the roof life, keeping the air healthy, fire resistance and decreasing outside noise.

Benefits of green roof #Infographic

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