Best states to live in the USA #infographic

Best states to live in the USA #infographic

When asked what makes one state a healthy and secure place to live, people mostly talk of violence, homelessness and the rate of poverty. The crime rate is the number of offenses committed, in a given location, over a specified period of time. Illegal acts such as organized crime, homicide, arson, fraud, and stealing of motor vehicles are part of FBI and other government agencies ' records data.

Hawaii ranks 8th out of 50 nations, for average living standards. The state is a second-best destination for retirement-ready residents, focused on health care, cost of living, neighborhood support and other critical factors. Nevertheless, the crime rate in Hawaii is almost the same as in Texas, which is ranked 45th and has a population density 3.5 times higher than the State of Aloha. Delaware, Maine, and Wyoming are the best of all states in the US based on crime levels.

The unemployment rate in the total number of people who are willing to work is defined as the percentage of unemployed employees. This data provides insight into the economic condition and capability of the economy, which can be accessed from the Labor Statistics Bureau. In Vermont, Utah and North Dakota, the lowest unemployment rate is.

Across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, the poverty rate or number of individuals (from a specific age group) whose income fell below the poverty line is the lowest. Out of 50 U.S. states their average rating is 3, 12, and 6. It's fair to assume that health, healthcare, and infrastructure would all have a stronger outcome for these states in the future.

Best states to live in the USA #infographic

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