Can a Shorter Workweek Make People Happier? #infographic

Can a Shorter Workweek Make People Happier? #infographic

Many people find the thought of a shorter workweek alluring. After all it can be hard to have enough time for the things we love. Was it fair to start working less on our search for happiness then? Advocates may settle on a shorter workweek, but these measures still need large acceptance.

Today's chart charts data from the 2019 World Happiness Report and the OECD to assess whether there is any correlation between a country's happiness and the worked average hours per person. Nevertheless, symptoms can, in extreme cases, go beyond the normal stress and fatigue.

For example, the American Heart Association found that people under the age of 50, while employed for more than 10 hours a day for a decade or more, have a greater risk of stroke. Another study conducted in 14 countries found that 12 per cent of people who worked long hours were more likely to become heavy drinkers.

Can a Shorter Workweek Make People Happier? #infographic

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