Colonoscopy Procedure Description #infographic

Colonoscopy Procedure Description #infographic

The colonoscopy procedure uses a flexible tube on the tip that contains a light and miniature TV display. This system is often referred to as the "hunter" and is located in the rectum and advanced via the colon. It's paired with a television monitor that monitors your doctor when you're doing the test. Similar miniaturized instruments can be inserted into the scope to help the doctor collect biopsies (tissue samples) and view the lining of the colon to diagnose the disease.

You will schedule your appointment with the Granite Peaks GI Scheduling Team to determine a suitable time for you to have colonoscopy with one of our gastroenterologists. Our staff will ask demographic questions, including your medical insurance data, as well as some basic questions to ensure that we can schedule you correctly. Bowel preparation for most people is the part of the process they fear most, but rest assured that bowel preparations have changed over the years and have become easier to use.

Colonoscopy Procedure Description #infographic

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