Diagnoses of Coronavirus in America #Infographic

 Diagnoses of Coronavirus in America #Infographic

In the USA 566 cases of coronavirus have been identified, according to the CDC and John Hopkins University. Washington documented the first case of respiratory disease, and since then, the virus has spread to 31 states across America.

At over 110 active cases each, the States of Washington and California are the hardest hit. New York's reports are also gaining steam, and Monday hit 107. Many virus-affected states are Connecticut, Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas and Georgia.
There were a total of 22 deaths in Texas, California and Florida. 16 Of those deaths occurred at a nursing home in the King Country of Washington. The facility has been closed off by authorities.

Now thousands of Americans obey the policy of' self-quarantine.' It suggests that those suspecting being exposed to the virus or traveling to an infected country recently would isolate themselves to prevent spreading.

Further patients from coronavirus can also be seen arriving in the USA via the Grand Princess cruise. The Grand Class Cruise ship holds at least 21 confirmed infectious disease cases. Today the ship has docked in Oakland, California, and health authorities have made 14-day arrangements to quarantine the infected as well as the suspected persons to military base. Other passengers will also be expected to undergo medical screening before returning to their respective homes.

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease, contracted by droplets released through sneezing and coughing. It is easily transferable and thus protective steps are necessary to avoid contamination. The United States has also urged its people to adopt a mitigation strategy in order to reduce the outbreak. This involves constantly washing hands, and not touching the nose.

Health scare has taken over 4,000 lives worldwide as of this writing and the figures are rising every day. Many people have avoided traveling because of the fear of an epidemic, while schools are off for 3 million children too.

 Diagnoses of Coronavirus in America #Infographic

infographic by: www.statista.com

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