Do Americans Have the Ability to Control Health Epidemic? #infographic

Do Americans Have the Ability to Control Health Epidemic? #infographic

Over the years we've seen the world's population hit by numerous health scares. The planet has seen them from bird flu to Ebola, and has also managed to overcome them somewhat. The latest Coronavirus outbreak, however, has similarly puzzled both the government and health authorities.

The Coronavirus, which originates in China's Wuhan district, is a contagious disease that comes through contact with animals. In fact, most people affected by the disease are employees or regular wholesale shoppers in China's seafood markets. But the epidemic has spread rapidly to over 28 countries with at least 80,000 diagnoses as a result of journeys from mainland China.

Unfortunately, there have been zero outcomes from ongoing attempts by health experts around the world to contain the disease. Several countries have also imposed restrictions on travel to and from China, significantly impacting the country's economic relationship.

Yet given the chaotic situation, Americans remain optimistic of the government's ability to successfully manage the outbreak. In this regard, Gallup recently conducted a survey, where they asked a number of participants whether the government could effectively contain the virus. 77 per cent agreed in their response that the latest health scare could be managed.

Gallup had conducted a similar survey during previous health crises but had never seen such deep faith in the ability of the government. For example, only 64 percent of respondents said the government will be able to handle the disease during the 2017 Zika Virus while 58 percent had confidence in them to control the Ebola virus in 2014.

Do Americans Have the Ability to Control Health Epidemic? #infographic

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