Do Books at Home Affect Academic Performance? #infographic

 Do Books at Home Affect Academic Performance? #infographic

We all know what books are important to a child's upbringing. They grow a love for reading, comprehension skills and a lifelong relationship with words and language appreciation. But many people wonder if books help children become better problem solvers, and allow them to get a better understanding of other topics than language? Various studies by educators have shown that improving children's reading habits not only enhances them in language, but also in mathematics, science and all other fields of study.

One such research is the Comparative Research of Mathematics and Science Patterns (TIMSS). It's an international comparative study that seeks to find the connection between school student success and the number of books in their homes. In this case the study was carried out in year four and year six on Australian primary school students.

The infographic is the findings of this research in the Australian classrooms, where the results are predictably, overwhelmingly in favor of home books and their positive outcome on the success of the students. Research has found that most kids with just a few books at home have only mediocre math and science results.

 Do Books at Home Affect Academic Performance? #infographic

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