Domino's: The Pizza King #infographic

 Domino's: The Pizza King #infographic

This infographic was based on "Domino's: King of the Pizza Game"

 article from It's pretty obvious that hands down, Domino's rules the pizza market. Flying ahead of Papa John's, Pizza Hut, and Papa Murphy's, Domino's has made it to the top by becoming the United States 'largest pizza chain. The success of Domino is attributed to a combination of sound marketing tactics and a strong workforce. For 2019 alone, the pizza chain was making $3.2 billion for worldwide retail revenues.

Back in 1960, by taking over the operation of a pizza place named 'DomiNick's' brothers Tom and James Monaghan opened the very first Domino shop. Tom and James used a $900 loan to buy the shop, and agreed to fairly divide the hours of work.

Quick forward to 1985 and Domino's became the fastest-growing pizza chain with more than 2800 stores in the United States. Stores started to open around the world from London and Japan to South America, China, and India.

This infographic titled "Domino's: The Pizza King" discusses the history of Domino's success as an international pizza chain, and describes a few key tactics that have cemented the success of the brand.

 Domino's: The Pizza King #infographic

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