Facebook Adds COVID -19 News stream for knowledge panel #Article

Facebook Adds COVID -19 News stream for knowledge panel #Article

Facebook has come up with a strategy to understand the scope of knowledge surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. They have recently unveiled a 'COVID-19 Information Center Table' to be mirrored at the top of the news feeds of each facebook customer.

This panel will act as a news agency-providing the latest details and reports on the scandalous worldwide pandemic. This will also feature links to other videos, documents, tweets, and forums that speak about the value of COVID-19 avoidance and social remoteness.

To this respect, Facebook has also made additional steps, including providing information reminders for specific search requests, offering free ad credits to organisations seeking to offer valuable information, and more. It also has limited advertising that aimed to take advantage of the concerns of coronavirus, and introduced Corona data monitoring tools to control the current situation.

The firm has also made incentive offers for its employees to help small companies that are hurt by the reforms.

Obviously Facebook has been making attempts that it can prove and be very relevant because more than 1.66 billion people use the site every day. For all the uncertainty and confusion in the wake of the pandemic, the efforts from Facebook are important and provide an precedent for other social media companies to emulate.

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