Facebook Bands Advertisements of Corona Virus Concerns Trying to Benefit #Article

Facebook Bands Advertisements of Corona Virus Concerns Trying to Benefit #Article

Facebook has started to ban all Ads that plan to take advantage of Corona's fear.

Facebook has announced that it will restrict advertising from all its platforms which aim to "build a sense of urgency" among the audience for their benefit, according to Business Insider.

In some parts of the world people have seen these advertising that Facebook has seen, run to capitalize on the that fear.

"We also recently introduced a policy to ban advertisements that refer to coronavirus and build a sense of urgency, such as suggesting a restricted supply or ensuring cure or prevention. We also have policies for surfaces such as marketplace that forbid similar behaviour," Facebook reported.

This shows that Facebook is playing its part in stopping any rumors about the virus from spreading. The organization has just recently announced that it wants to improve its fact-checking processes and was also committed to eliminating any misleading information which might harm people.

Many places have gathered all the wrong information about Corona virus spread which includes offering solutions that don't function and some misconceptions about its causes.

There are actually over 79,000 people around the world infected, and in a few months, about 2,600 have already passed away from the disease. And although attempts are being made to get it under control, fear amongst people is still increasing.

Provided all of this, to use it as a financial benefit, it offers to the ethically dishonest. Facebook's move is worth an applaud but since users are still on the brink, it may be important for the website to do more in this matter.

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