Facebook tests a new story format #Article

Facebook tests a new story format #Article

Facebook stories are constantly changing and updating but in a way it feels a bit deceptive every time they do that.

Facebook says that given all the complaints, Stories is the next wave of social sharing. Facebook does not make these claims in thin air and has actual statistics demonstrating and supporting their points on how and in what numbers people use Facebook stories.

Facebook is carrying out its research and production for the Tales, with all the evidence to back up the claims. Not only that, but Facebook also drives the users with these apps, but it is unknown whether or not they are using these features. Facebook rolled out a new update for Facebook Stories last week that will allow the stories viewable individually on a "explore (or discover)" tab. This feature is easily accessible, and can be used under the current Stories bar to show all viewable stories.

This new feature of Facebook Stories has also been compared by critics to a number of existing features on various apps such as Instagram's IGTV.

Reports claim that Facebook has been working on this Facebook Stories Discovery feature for quite some time now and it was reported that the same option was being rolled out on Twitter last summer. The feature didn't see the light of day, however, and it also seemed a bit dull.

An opinion: selecting Facebook stories and promoting this option for users seems like a desperate step from Facebook to put more people on the Facebook Stories bandwagon and maybe it's going to work, but we don't know for sure. Stories on Instagram can make sense but it doesn't seem to fit in with Facebook and its behaviour.

Facebook is one of the biggest companies in the world and they must have prepared a strategy before trying this alternative out. Facebook still has more than 500 million active users who connect everyday with Facebook Posts. The number is not insignificant, but 30% of all Facebook users actively participating on the site are actually active. Notwithstanding the point, the newer generation may feel more comfortable with the style of vertical tales, which in the long-term retrospect may help them and could really become the future of social sharing.

Facebook may think of this alternative which could reflect Instagram's' Explore' feature which is obviously a more interactive way to connect with other people.

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