Facebook to Provide $2 Million for Misinformation and Polarization Research #Article

Facebook to Provide $2 Million for Misinformation and Polarization Research #Article

Facebook has also started testing improved rules on election protection with the launch of US presidential campaigns. The social media giant has revealed this week that it will provide research support for one of the main issues during the election, that is, misinformation.

Facebook would make around $2 million available for research into false information and misinformation and how it is transmitted through social media technologies.

Facebook states:

"We will include a total of $2,000,000 in funding for research proposals aimed at improving our understanding of issues related to disinformation, inequality, quality of knowledge and conflict on social media and social networking platforms. Our intention for these awards is to promote the development of the scientific community in these spaces and contribute to a mutual understanding across the sector.

It will also provide in-depth information on various approaches in different countries, and may also Facebook counter any risks in rising areas where disinformation is not a major concern relative to other regions.

It is important to remember that Facebook has also said it would not reveal any data, and any data used in the research will adhere to the terms and conditions of the site.

The implications of the online disinformation during campaigns are still uncertain. And although with the growth of social media political polarization has evolved, it is still uncertain what the full case and impact is. This is especially difficult to detect, as there is no clear link between what a person views online and how they react. Yet we do know that people are frank about their political beliefs because they express their views online and there are growing numbers of people using social media for news.

Understanding w its spread and its effect is crucial for getting more insight into misinformation so it can be better understood how to tackle it.

In this way, the latest project along with the funding from Facebook will bear fruit.

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