Facebook's Social Media Domination #infographic

Facebook's Social Media Domination #infographic

Facebook is no doubt one of the biggest corporations of the world right now. It has been running successfully for over a decade, and despite the ever-changing technology landscape and its use, it has been able to adapt and evolve with time, not just as a product, but as a company as well.

Google Inc., at the moment. Has owned some of the most popular mobile apps in the world, including WhatsApp, and Instagram. Collectively, these devices have more than 500 million users worldwide, nearly half of all internet users worldwide.

Tencent Inc., of China. Is Facebook's greatest competitor, and unlikely to be eliminated anytime soon, as China has its own social media networks, and does not plan to expand any time soon. Notwithstanding the challenge, Facebook Inc. Has managed to remain competitive in the application industry, beating out other tech giants and companies.

Apps like TikTok and Reddit, which are also very popular, have gained traction, and in the last decade alone, social media apps have outstripped the entertainment industry as well as essentially changed how the world communicates.
When things stay the same, then Facebook will have no trouble staying at the forefront of the social media industry and changing as time shifts.

Facebook's Social Media Domination #infographic

infographic by: www.statista.com

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