Five Facts Of Princess Leia #infographic

 Five Facts Of Princess Leia #infographic

Since 1977 Star Wars has captivated generations and the arrival of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi will be no other. But it will mark the cessation of an era, as it will be the closing film in which Carrie Fisher stars as the legendary Leia Organa. Since Fisher dressed the well-known buns, Leia has long moved from Princess of Alderaan to Imperial Senate envoy to Chief of Resistance to General in the fight against the First Order.

She has held many titles and done many things, and is one of film history's most famous females. Costume SuperCenter has collectively put this infographic of some of our favorite character statistics to show her some of the love that Star Wars fans normally gives her. You may also understand some of them, and you may not yet understand some, so check them out earlier than you donate your very own Princess Leia and head to the theater on Dec. 15 to see The Last Jedi.

 Five Facts Of Princess Leia #infographic

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