Food diary for increasing muscle Mass #infographic

Food diary for increasing muscle Mass #infographic

Men may prefer bodybuilding, but muscle growth and healthy muscles are everybody's preference. Muscles are our body parts that support our bones and give us the strength to be able to stand up and do all the everyday tasks. And our muscles must be solid to support our skeleton during life and we should take good care of them. For this we will concentrate on our daily consumption and choose foods that create muscle rather than foods that produce fats.The muscle tissues contain actin and myosin protein fibers, which means more protein consumption will result in more muscle tissues being produced and thus muscles will gradually become stronger. But you must take certain variations of foods for muscle building rather than eating only direct proteins.

The point to remember here is that just protein intake is not enough, and you need to do proper exercise and workout to get the benefit of these proteins and develop the muscles you like. You have to bear in mind that proteins do contain calories, and if you don't work out and just carry on eating proteins, this will result in the accumulation of fats and obesity that contributes to heart disease. Consuming too much protein can also increase your cholesterol level, so never skip your exercise along with consuming muscle building foods. Besides diet exercise, the real secret to muscle building is also.

It's the reason why muscle-building food should also include carbohydrates along with proteins, as carbohydrates provide you with the energy for workout. Brown rice is a rich source of lower Glycerin index carbohydrates, which are digested gradually and giving you energy during the day, instead of supplying you with an instant increase in energy levels, so you don't crash anytime. This keeps you easily energized during your sessions of high intensity workouts. Oats are the foods you would choose to use in your muscle-building routine. Oats do contain fibers and after eating them, you do not feel thirsty.

You have different animal protein options including beef, salmon, chicken, and eggs which are a direct source of protein. Yet interestingly, milk also provides all the necessary amino acids needed to build and repair muscles. We know that milk contains fats but it is believed that the fat in milk activates the growth hormones, which also helps the muscles develop. Cottage cheese has a special form of protein that absorbs gradually into your body, so that you can eat it at night. It'll also begin the process of muscle building during your night. Greek yogurt also has the right amount of protein that not only strengthens the muscles but also cares for their health.

Food diary for increasing muscle Mass #infographic

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