Gamification in Banking & Financial Services #infographic

Gamification in Banking & Financial Services #infographic

When it comes to building business trust, the banks and financial services can be their own worst enemy or their best ally. Developing a true financial wellbeing program for customers and enhancing the workforce's efficiency are crucial for building a sustainable organisation. In either case gamification will play a decisive role in giving commitment and performance.

In this infographic you will see how the banks and financial institutions use gamification to make a distinction. So they can continue to affect people's lives, families, homes and dreams. A smart card called Barclays Ring was launched to create a community of shared cardholders.

By thanking customers for sharing their ideas on credit card functionality with online and offline rewards, Barclays has been able to market the product as user friendly. Their GivebackTM program also provides an opportunity for community members to share in the benefits of a portion of the Barclaycard Ring Mastercard scheme.

Gamification in Banking & Financial Services #infographic

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