Get healthy with cats #infographic

 Get healthy with cats #infographic

Cats are sweet creatures, and love to be kept as a companion by others. They are fluffy; they love; they warrant attention, and they make your mood better in your hours of tension. Playing with cats, touching their paws and nose are some pleasure acts which relax you mentally. But today, you'll know you're much more enriched by cats than this. Cats owners are going to be very familiar with the cat's purr which is a kind of groaning sound that comes from inside the cats at such particular times. And people who have had a cat for the past couple of years can not tell where exactly the sound is coming from. Cats use this sound to express various feelings, such as joy, affection and even anger.

Perhaps the thing to reflect on here is that this sound has many beneficial public health impacts. Not only do the cats make your mood sound but they also have good effects on your physical wellbeing. If the frequency range of cats purr is between 20-140 Hertz, this acts for humans as relaxation waves. When a cat purrs near you, it decreases the risk of heart disease by 40 percent, decreases pain, and reduces Dyspnoea symptoms. Cat purring also has a good impact on the bones; the old veterinary adage says that if you place any broken bones and a cat in a house, the bones slowly start to heal with the help of cats purring in the house.

Cat purring has another tone, each having a particular effect on the human body. The best frequencies are the 25 Hertz and 50 Hertz lower ones which heal the bones. Many researchers also suggest pet owners live longer than those who have no pet. We never thought our pets would be so valuable to us, but this is a reality they play a much more important role in our lives than we had ever imagined. Other cats purr's surprising healing abilities include reducing blood pressure, curing wounds, and restoring muscle tissue.

Cats save you from many medical complications and with almost no cost keep your muscles and bones healthy. Just keep a cat alive, play with it, enjoy the fun moments of your life, and with no effort at all keep your health healthy. Now you've got some great pros to keep a cat, so you can persuade all your friends and family who aren't in favor of having a pet and always get into an fight with you for not keeping an animal. Just go and tell them the super healing powers your kitty has, and it takes care of your wellbeing, helping you live longer.

 Get healthy with cats #infographic

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