Google Removes Chrome Extensions Than 500 #Article

Google Removes Chrome Extensions Than 500 #Article

Doesn't your favorite Google extension work any more? That could be the explanation for this.

Google recently removed more than 500 Chrome extensions due to malware concerns. The extensions brought users to pages that featured malware and ad content without users realizing it.

Security team according to Duo:

"Due to their potential for misuse under the general umbrella of helpful applications, browser extensions were regarded as a weak point for individual security and privacy. In the case described here, Chrome extension developers specifically made extensionsthat disfused users ' underlying advertisement features in order to connect browser clients to a command and

Users were being diverted to ads so developers of the extension could take advantage of the traffic. Upon being asked, users said they were unaware of this and, when surfing, it didn't make a difference.

Duo has said that these extensions have been downloaded by about 2 million users but it can not be said for sure how many users are impacted by removing such extensions.

This is not the first time there has been it abuse. According to a ZDNet article, ads are embedded in browsing sessions, but they are not visible because developers use tricks to conceal them. Even, in 2018, Chrome extensions were found to be used to access login information, mine crypto-currencies, and even involved in click fraud.

So, it's worth checking the next time you download an extension whether it's from a known source.

You can't see the extensions in the web store of Google anymore, and Google also deactivated them from browsers while labeling them as' malicious' so people don't add them again.

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