Hospital Supply Chain Management Solutions #infographic

Hospital Supply Chain Management Solutions #infographic

Last year, U.S. spending on health services exceeded $3.8 trillion, one-third of which was spent on hospital alone. A estimated 5.7 percent growth in patient sending will occur in the next seven years, but for financial reasons one out of five hospitals is likely to close. The reasons why hospitals are failing so often are numerous. One explanation for this is that hospitals are experiencing expanded use due to the introduction of Medicaid.

In addition to that, more individuals are aging through Medicare, which would impact hospitals because payment rates are just 41% relative to 241% through private insurers. Another problem is the expensive, but necessary, introduction of new emerging technology and specialty drugs.Implementing effective supply chain operations is one approach to those issues.

More than half of hospital managers agree that improved control of the supply chain could improve profit margins by up to 3%. In the following infographic, learn how hospitals can save their resources, time and selves using supply chain management.

Hospital Supply Chain Management Solutions #infographic

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