How Blockchain Startups Make Money: Markets Analysis #infographic

How Blockchain Startups Make Money: Markets Analysis #infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: How Startups in Blockchain make money. ICO, STO, TGE and IEO Launchpad comprehensive study of the markets.
IEO market analysis–April 2018

 Almost half of the total amount raised ($124.5 million) was raised in Hong Kong and Singapore. The Hong Kong, however, is undisputed leader among the countries by raising funds ($65.7 million) even with substantial low number of IEO projects proposed. Here, with its eleven IEOs listed, Singapore is the leader by amount of projects.

Regrettably, none of the five UK and UAE IEO ventures did raise any funds. According to the figures, IEOs on Binance Launchpad have raised the highest number of funds ($79 million), but Launchpad is the most common launchpad for IEOs at the same ime Exmarkets where 11 projects have chosen this launchpad.

Furthermore, the top of 6 IEOs that raised most of the funds ($182.9 million) and the top of 5 IEOs that spent the lowest amount of time raising the funds needed to finish IEO (up to seconds) can already be allocated. The propensity for IEO has become growing and investors should put their trust in the due diligence conducted by the IEO's exchange host.

  • While trust and security make IEO projects among crowdfunding platforms more attractive.
  • Binance pioneered the IEO concept, whose token sales site Launchpad hosted a high-profile token sale this January for the Tronbased BitTorrent token (BTT).
  • According to Binance's CEO, exchange-hosted token offers are no less subject to regulatory hurdles than their predecessors ' initial coin offering (ICO).

IEO Statistics

  •  $266 million raised by 42 ended IEOs so far
  •  IEOs on Binance Launchpad raised the highest number of funds ($79 million) 
  • There are already 60 + IEO projects listed on ICObench
  •  6 projects raised the most funds ($182.9 million) 
  • Exmarkets Launchpad is the most common launchpad for IEOs (11 projects chosen this launchpad) 
  • 3.6 is the average ranking for IEO projects listed on ICObench.
  • Since February,
  •  23 IEOs have raised $180 million since Singapore and Hong Kong received nearly half the total amount of funds raised by all IEOs ($124.5 million)

Business Review (H1 2019) 

  • Total IEOs in H1 2019— 72 
  • Total Amount Raised ventures— $262 million 
  • Average Amount Raised— $3.7 million
  •  First IEO in 2019 — Bittorrent on Launchpad Binance. In January 2019,
  •  Binance raised $7.2 million in 14 minutes to start the IEO boom with Bittorrent. Shortly after, many other exchanges have started introducing their own IEO websites.
  • IEO ventures tend to have a target set of $20 million.
  • Only five ventures raised over $10 million from IEO. 
  • We account for 31 per cent of the amount raised in H1 2019.
  • While only 50 percent of IEOs are profitable, 
  • if you managed to buy all IEOs you would still see a benefit of 44 percent.
    How Blockchain Startups Make Money: Markets Analysis #infographic
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