How Does Crime-Stopping AI Work? #infographic

How Does Crime-Stopping AI Work? #infographic

The predictive policing analysis definition revolves around the idea of the "broken glass." As a consequence, artificial intelligence (AI) crime-fighting tracks hotspots with high levels of minor crimes such as robbery and vandalism. The smart software adapts current AI models in clear terms using historical crime data including epidemiological and geological models. For example, PredPol-created in 2008 by the LAPD and UCLA-predicts where black window crimes may occur by the use of recent news reports. In addition, PredPol technology can target patrols down to a 500 square foot field.

Additionally, AI law enforcement comes in the form of facial recognition, license plate readers, autonomous AI, and many other types of mass surveillance. Ford's self-driving police vehicle, whose patent application was filed in 2018, was designed to detect violations of traffic. The self-driving law enforcement system may even follow the suspect before they pull over, locate the vehicle and driver, and even give a alert or a summons, depending on how the person responds to a robotic cop car.\ Crime-stopping artificial intelligence spreads rapidly. For a deeper understanding of how predictive policing operates, keep reading.

How Does Crime-Stopping AI Work? #infographic

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