How happy is everyone? #infographic

 How happy is everyone? #infographic

In this world full of sad realities and struggles, happiness is a goal for everyone at every step. The research, hard work, earning is what we do for fun, but in doing so we forget that we are sacrificing the present moment of happiness in the future to spend a prosperous and productive life. To give up the privilege of having this in the future is not, in my view, a good choice. Surely you can work hard to get everything you think will make you happy, but frankly, it's not just about material things.

Happiness is somehow linked to your earnings, success, and material things, but it doesn't focus entirely on those things. It's not like you can't be fulfilled if you don't have it perfect, you can always be comfortable with self-love and gratitude. You have to respect yourself, accept your shortcomings and be content with the things that you already have. You need to change your way of thinking and know there are people who are looking for the things you've got.

Also, even after satisfying all your wishes you are not even satisfied, because happiness is your body's comfort and mind relaxation. You need to take care of your wellbeing to be happy, because this is the first step towards happiness. Health is everything; if you're safe, it all seems perfect, but if you're faced with some disease, nothing will relax you or make your mood better. You'll need to follow safe habits for a happier life.

A review of the financial situation of the Russian people showed that 84 percent were satisfied, and only 34 percent of them had a strong business status, which indicates that the remaining 50 percent were dissatisfied with their financial difficulties. It means money is merely an aspect of happiness and not full joy. People are living a happy life even with financial problems because they choose other things over cash.

Such issues include physical and mental wellbeing, living for a higher reason, doing good for the world and people, maintaining healthy relationships with others and self-esteem. Self-appreciation is an important factor which contributes to your happiness. When you tell yourself you're good enough, and whatever you have, or whatever you do, it's all real joy that's coming in. Happiness often comes from love; if you have a caring partner who takes care of you, is always on your doorstep appreciating and enjoying your pleasure, this is why some people say married couples are happier than single people. Everything is about pampering.

The secret to happiness is finding joy in small things like good weather, winter eve hot cocoa, watching a film with your girlfriend, hanging out with friends, reading your favorite book in a warm blanket, having nutritious food and fresh air. These are the things that require little effort, and at least they still give you joy for that day.

 How happy is everyone? #infographic

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